Who am i? 

"They say I have a way with words.

They say I can turn blood into honey with my tongue.

But all I know is truth.

All I know is feeling until there is no more room left to feel.

Until emotions run to escape my throat and come

out in the form of language."


     My name is Taj'Zhere. Mentally, I've often referred to myself as a walking contradiction because I am so many different things all at once. I am a published writer and poet. I am a feminist, and a womanist. I'm a spiritualist and a believer in radical self-love. Currently, I am a student at the illustrious Clark Atlanta University majoring in Mass Media Arts.
     "Who am I?" That is a question that I plague myself with everyday. The truth is, there are moments when I am so sure of who I am. Then, there are moments where I have no clue. Over the years, though, I've learned to be content with not fully knowing the answer because the journey is much more important. Growing up, for me, was difficult. I grew up in a space of depression, low self-esteem, anxiety, and trauma. More than anything, though, I felt a lack of understanding for both myself and the world around me. At a young age, I went on a quest to find that understanding and that curiosity has laid the foundation for everything I've learned along the way. 

     I began writing years ago, as a form of therapy for everything that I was going through. I've been in love with the power of language ever since then. Poetry was my first outlet, but a need has blossomed in me to express myself in other ways. I feel that I have so much in my spirit to share. I've learned that sharing our passions, our fears, and our candid thoughts is actually empowering. The truth genuinely does set you free. So, this blog came about from a fusion of my love for words, my passion for understanding the world, and my compassion for everything in it. 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, expert, or specialist of any kind. I'm just a young woman with thoughts, opinions, and stories to share. I've experienced many things, however, I have only touched the tip of what life has in store for me. I've learned a lot, but I understand that I do not know everything. With that being said, enjoy my words. 

Love and Light,


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